Development of Seeds focusing on regional network

Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) of Kyushu University Hospital strengthens cooperation with the internal university, outside research institutions, core hospitals in clinical trials, network of clinical research and trials and companies so as to support more effectively and intensively.

  • To be the medical technology that leads the world
  • To be the medical technology that is original of our country and owns intellectual property right
  • To contribute to treatment of the diseases difficult to be solved by the existing medical technology

Focusing on forming a base to promoting innovative medical technologies that satisfy the 3 points above and cooperating with regions in Japan such as allover Kyushu, Shikoku, Western Japan as well as with overseas countries such as China and US, we aim at promotion of the translational research which is realizable only in this region.

Initiatives as a base of TR

Our center has MCPC(Molecular and Cell Processing Center), Data Center and Medical Branch Office of the Intellectual Property Head Office.

Also, our doctors, pharmacists, CRCs, specialists in clinical statistics, data managers, experts in intellectual property right, all together, will support from the search of Seeds inside or outside the university, start of clinical trials lead by doctors, to the exist such as licensing out to advanced medical care and companies.

Center for Clinical and Translational Research(CCTR) is open for inquires from researchers, related institutions or companies regarding research support.

Pharmaceutical approval, marketing, licensing out

Clinical study

  • Clinical trial plan
  • Biostatistics
  • Response to the authorities
  • CPC
  • Safety management
  • Medicine management
  • Implementation of clinical trial
  • DM
  • CRC
  • POC study support
  • TR Promotion Office
  • TR Support Office
  • Data Center
  • TR Foundation Center

Nonclinical study, Production

  • Nonclinical study support
  • Production of investigational medicinal products
  • Application to reproduction therapy and cell therapy
  • Nonclinical study unit
  • MCPC

Development Force Planning

  • Development support
  • Cooperative research matching
  • Competitive Funding
  • Application support
  • Company matching
  • TR Promotion Office

Search for Seeds

  • Patent consultation
  • Intellectual property rights management
  • Technology transfer support
  • Intellectual Property
    Head Office

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